The project description

sms2all project

Send real free and anonymous text messages (SMS) to everyone in Europe. We are covering more and more countries and our aim is to cover them all as soon as possible, always for free, always anonymously.

The service allows you to send your messages easily, conveniently from your device connected to the Internet. The service does not include any subscription.

Perfect for marketing

Many use our system to send reminders and/or advertisements. In fact at the end of the text message is signed only with useful, right?

Do you have an idea to improve your experience with our app? We are open to any kind of suggestions and integration for improving the project.

SPAM reduced to a minimum

In September 2019 we developed a machine learning algorithm that creates an automatic barrier of spam, swearing and harassment to reduce inappropriate messages.

Send only

The app uses a number of free services around Europe to send, so it's impossible to understand which platform the SMS will start from and therefore impossible to receive a reply message from a recipient, after all, isn't it better that they answer on your phone? Remember to tell your recipient who you are. There is no limit to the number of messages you can send per day.


The only way to make the service free was to introduce advertising. This allows us to ensure continuity of service by adding new modules and new features. To support us it will be enough to hope that there are a few clicks a day on the banners.