The Idea

Sms Gratis

Stop receiving SMS

Did you get a signed message from one of our numbers? Here's what happened: someone in possession of your mobile number used one of our apps or website and sent you a message of about 140 characters. This is the only way you can receive a message through one of our systems. If you don't want to receive any message just use our block me service.

SMS premium for business

Premium program

We know, if you have tried our service, and appreciated its stability, now is the time to move on to the next level. We think do you can appreciate our Premium plan. You can send SMS with your sign, including express priority send with schedule. Premium services are not free. We are very proud of our service and there are several people who work there every day.

Scode of conduct

Code of conduct

The code of conduct. clear and in compliance with the European GDPR is the fundamental pillar for the use of our website and our apps. Sms2all has developed an advanced machine learning algorithm to achieve its purpose as an anti-spam and anti-molesting filter. Any use of the site requires implicit adherence to the rules described in detail on the page linked below.