Messages are free to all numbers on European territory. A considerable saving for your pockets.


The system uses a series of services that allow the sending of messages without any limit of use. In return, we ask you not to block the advertising. (which we need to survive.


The app has been created to maintain the highest ease of use. Try it to believe.

The Idea

Sms Gratis

What can you do with SMS 2 All?

Send free and anonymous messages throughout Europe

Did you get a message signed by one of our numbers? Here's what happened: presumably an acquaintance of yours (or rather an acquaintance of your mobile phone number) He used one of our apps or our website sending you a message of about 140 characters. This is the only way you can receive a message through one of our systems. If you don't want to receive any messages just use our block me service. Translated with

SMS premium for business

Business Program

Integrate SMS into your software

Sei un programmatore o vuoi integrare delle notifiche SMS nelle tue applicazioni? SMS 2 All ti permette di inviare SMS con la tua app, il tuo sito, il tuo gestionale con un sistema evoluto di api che permettono la gestione semplice e professionale dell'invio SMS senza alcuna firma.