We need privacy

We need privacy

Our message of common good sense

Conspirators people have always believed that we were all controlled by the government.
Personally, I have always snubbed this kind of theory that was, and is, for me phantasmagorical. Today, however, in the age of information and computer science everywhere, data is really power.
This power is real and today it is both in the hands of governments and multinationals and the latter are starting to have more.
Hence the title of this article: We need privacy .
Let's look, for example, at a simple working day. We wake up and turn off the alarm that is ringing on our smartphone. From the bed, without even having both eyes open, we analyze the emails, unread WhatsApp messages and all the other social networks to which we are subscribed, then we get up.
Our day goes on, our smartphone connects to various Wi-Fi, the Bluetooth of the car and hundreds of detection devices, columns in public places, and various devices. This is until we arrived at the office where we connect to the Wi-Fi network of the office.
All the time, as if that were not enough, we took advantage of the journey to populate the social networks with new news that say about us, our position, unlimited samples of our voice, our face, what we do, who we hate, our opinions on everything, like, photos, etc..
So, all the time we have enriched a list of our information directly in the hands of a multinational company, allowing anyone with a minimum of knowledge of psychology or profiling skills to create our own profile, more and more detailed, every day that passes.
We leave work and set up the navigator to move to a place we like, and we take pictures of our food, we add the review to the local and the dishes we tasted and, for most of the evening, we used the smartphone instead of talking live with all those present, at least four times we estrange and giggle about something in our timeline.
So for weeks, months and years we have introduced spontaneously (and for free) information that catalogs us in every area and online sector, in a more or less public way, we have taken pictures of us in private that we have sent privately (yes, believe us) on the Internet using tools that belong to the same companies and shared a lot of information now for us "banal" and not important as a column, profile photos with these organizations.
I don't want to talk, in this article, about the world of fake news, because I would open a separate chapter, but then we are outraged when the Chinese government prohibits and blocks the use of social and Google for their citizens.
It's censorship, true, but is it always bad?
All the information that we have shared can be crossed in turn with many databases on the network or for the exclusive use of multinationals. Is this safe? Are you sure that they will use them to improve and not to affect our lives? Are you sure that those data will be kept safe from people who want to own them to analyze us and make us analysis? There are so many cases of computer reports that have outraged us ... and those that we do not know yet?
That's why today I'm telling you that privacy is what we all need. What I would like to achieve for those four cats who will read this article in full, is that maybe, sometimes, posting one less piece of information is better than posting one more. We need privacy of our data: our social profiles, our browsers, our providers, perhaps, no longer keep us safe. Perhaps the conspirators were not wrong, they were only ahead of schedule.
To everyone who understands this message: Thank you

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