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Premium description

You tried the service and you like it. You've tasted the free part for life and sensed new potential. You've also peeked at the "signature" features and you're flooded with the possibility of personalizing it with your company's. If all this were not enough, besides the possibility to send marketing SMS (very effective) and notifications, you want something not anonymous, but stable and inexpensive.

If that's what you're looking for, now you've found it.

The premium version eliminates anonymity and introduces the ability to sign your messages and many other features such as the ability to schedule and send text messages in bulk.

In addition to this there are beta functions that you can use such as Passive Geolocation of a smartphone, a function that is very spy, which will show you the location of a smartphone on the map.

These features are not free because there is an important work between server management and data security. What we promise you is that we will keep prices as low as possible.

To start, you'll need to register on the site, eliminating the anonymous part to allow us to properly bill you for the pay-per-use items. To do so, click here.

We need privacy - Our manifesto

We need privacy

Let's analyze the reality: our smartphone connects to various Wi-Fi, the Bluetooth of our car, are we really safe? There are hundreds of detection devices, columns in public places, and various devices that are profiling everything about us.

The project SMS2All

The project SMS 2 All

The service allows you to send your messages easily, conveniently from your device connected to the Internet. The service does not include any subscription, we live only advertising to keep the servers active.